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Frequently asked questions

The Woodspeen cookery school

Are you easy to get to?

Very. We’re just outside Newbury, not too far from the M4 and A34. We have plenty of parking space, if you’re coming by car. Newbury rail station is only a 10 minute taxi ride away, if you’re coming by train. And if you need somewhere to stay for the night, we can recommend local accommodation.

The Woodspeen restaurant

What sort of courses do you run?

All sorts. Bread, steak, burgers, game, curry, pastry and more. You’ll find all the details, with dates, times and prices, on our course calendar. We run different courses throughout the year, and we’re adding more all the time.


What should I bring with me?

Nothing. We’ll provide everything you need. Ingredients, aprons, notes, recipes, pencils and note pads.

The Woodspeen cookery school

What should I wear?

Please wear cool, comfortable clothes and flat shoes. It can get warm in the kitchen, and you’ll be on your feet for most of the day. And don’t wear your Sunday best – wear something you don’t mind getting a bit messy (although we will give you an apron).

The Woodspeen cookery school

Do I take anything home?

Everything you make on the day, you’ll either eat or take home. Each course description tells you what you’ll take home.  


What do we eat?

With most of our courses, you’ll eat what you’ve made for lunch or supper. Otherwise, our chefs will cook for you, if a meal is included. Whatever you don’t eat during the day, we’ll wrap up for you to take home.

The Woodspeen cookery school

Do you cater for people who can’t eat certain things?

Absolutely. We can cater for vegans, vegetarians and anyone with allergies and intolerances. Just call us or tell us what you need on your booking form. We’ll call you if we have any questions.

Cooking well without meat

Can I come on my own?

Of course. You’re very welcome on your own or with friends. Our classes are fairly small, so we all get to know each other before long, anyway.

The Woodspeen cookery school

Do I need to have a certain level of experience or knoweldge to take a course?

No. Our tutors will proudly tell you they can teach anyone to cook, even if you’ve never picked up a pan in your life. And if you are an experienced cook, our tutors will make sure you leave with new skills.

Bread making

How old do I need to be to attend?

In general, 18 or older. But if you’re younger and keen to learn, give us a call and we’ll let you know if we have any courses that might be suitable.

The Woodspeen cookery school

Who teaches the courses?

Many of our courses are run by our Michelin starred owner and chef John Campbell, others are run by our head chef Peter Eaton or another of our senior chefs. All of our tutors have been with us for many years, and have an encyclopedic knowledge about food. But they’re experienced teachers, who know how to put people at ease.

The Woodspeen cookery school