The Woodspeen at home

Bring a taste of The Woodspeen into your home with one of our exceptional boxes, available all week round through our Call & Collect or Nationwide delivery service.


Woodspeen Experience

£150 for two - Nationwide delivery included

Accessible through a personalised QR code, our Executive Chef Peter Eaton will guide you via a video tutorial through the stages of making your very own mushroom and truffle risotto for two people, all ingredients are included, just put on the provided Woodspeen apron, scan the QR code and get ready to impress. The box also includes our newly released ‘25 Yards’ Woodspeen Gin, last October’s harvest of our Woodspeen olive oil, half bottle of organic Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, freshly baked Woodspeen sourdough and our signature miso caramel chocolates and fruity homemade jellies. Numbers are limited each week, so we recommend you pre-order as far in advance as possible with 48 hours minimum notice.

Woodspeen Experience contents:

-Carnaroli rice 200gr

-Dried cepes, trompettes and shitake mushrooms 25gr

-Onion, bay leaf, thyme

-48 months matured Parmesan cheese 50gr

-Black truffle 15gr

-Woodspeen Apron

-Woodspeen Olive Oil 500ml bottle

-Woodspeen ‘25 Yards’ Gin 750ml bottle

-Woodspeen sourdough 200gr

-Woodspeen homemade hummus 100gr

-Woodspeen salted miso caramel chocolates

-Woodspeen fruit jellies

-Sauvignon Blanc, Levin, Loire Valley, 2015, 375ml

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