Bread making

Festive Dinner Party

9.30am to 3.30pm - £185.00

Find out how to plan and prepare a perfect, stress-free festive dinner party, delighting your guests with some very tasty dishes. We’ll focus on simple yet creative festive ideas, with recipes, pre-dinner planning notes and a time-plan to make sure your dinner party is memorable for all the right reasons.

Spring seasonal cooking

Treats for Christmas

Morning or evening

This session is sure to get you in the Christmas mood. Enjoy a tea or coffee and warm mince pie and other festive treats with us whilst watching a festive masterclass. We will show you some creative and tasty ideas for treats to make and enjoy over the festive season or to create as perfect and unique Christmas gifts.

Treats for Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas

10am - 2pm

We all know that often Christmas can become rather a whirlwind of last minute preparations.  So, get in the Christmas spirit with us as we prepare in good time for the big day.  Everything you make on the day is designed to go home with you and be stored in the fridge or freezer ready for Christmas Day; making cooking and serving Christmas day lunch so much easier.

Getting ready for Christmas

All about Christmas Day

9.30am - 3.30pm

Take the stress out of your Christmas day lunch. Join us for this pre-Christmas course where we will inspire you and teach you some tricks of the trade, to ensure that your Christmas day lunch is a pleasure for all. Course includes cooking a festive starter, a festive dessert and a yule log, as well as how to make the vegetables and trimmings more exciting and a perfect accompaniment to serve with your turkey or goose.

All about Christmas Day

Christmas Wreath Workshop

9.45am - 12noon or 12.45pm to 3pm

Join a small group at our Cookery school for a step by step demonstration by Alicia Billyeald from the Wessex Flower Company.

Learn how to make a traditional moss based wreath with seasonal foliages and finish with festive fruit and spices and luxury ribbon.

Christmas wreath workshop

An evening of Festive Cupcakes

6pm - 9pm

A  fun  and  festive  evening  learning  the  skills  to  create  professionally-polished,  fondant  covered  cupcakes  with  style  and  ease.  Anna  Adams  from  The  Kennet  House  Cake  Company  will  be  guiding  you  through  the  materials  to  use  and  the  secret  tips  that  make  life  so  much  easier  when  you  know  how.  

Festive fondant cupcakes

Healthy 2019

9.30am – 3.30pm | £185 PER PERSON

An insight into what your body requires. We'll cover breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas as well as snack-type fillers. You'll learn about juicing, smoothie making and pro-biotic beverages - as well as healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients.

New date coming soon....

Healthy eating


9.30am – 3.30PM | £185 PER PERSON

Using some of Berkshire’s finest produce we’ll show you how to prepare and cook various types of game, highlighting its versatility and health benefits. Before long you’ll be ‘breaking down’ a haunch of venison, using pheasants in different ways and cooking game birds to perfection.


Introduction to Bread & Enriched Dough

9.30am – 1.30pm | £120 PER PERSON

Learn the basics with us, and before you know it, you’ll be whipping up classic and modern breads, from traditional soda bread to shortbread. Or if you’ve already mastered those, you might like to try our Advanced bread, sourdoughs and sweet dough course.


Advanced Bread – Sourdough & Sweet Dough

9.00AM – 4.30PM | £195 PER PERSON

When you’ve got the hang of the basics, try this more advanced course. 

We’ll talk about different flour types and give you some practical tips on how to make sourdough, ferments, and different shaped breads.

Advanced Bread - sourdough and sweet dough

Steak Night

6PM – 9PM | £95 PER PERSON

Discover the secrets to cooking the perfect steak and chips. We’ll show you how to pick the best cuts and share tips on how to keep your steak tender, juicy and full of flavour. Then it’s over to our Kitchen Table, where you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 


Curry Night

6PM – 9PM | £95 PER PERSON

Learn robust techniques on Indian and Thai curry making. You will cook a variety of dishes to easily replicate at home. Techniques on marinating and alternative cooking methods will be covered in this course. 


Burgers & Bubbles

6PM – 9PM | £95 PER PERSON

A fun evening where you’ll create the ultimate burger, served classically on a brioche bap, with relish, chips, onion rings and a choice of beer or Champagne. 

Burgers and bubbles

Weekend Kitchen

10AM – 2PM | £135 PER PERSON

This course will inspire you to get in your kitchen at the weekends, giving you the skills and tips to make your own bread, as well as seasonal dishes to wow your friends and family.


The Best Simple Classic – Lasagne

10AM – 12NOON | £65 PER PERSON

The Best Simply Classic is a new addition to our cookery school calendar and will run regularly throughout the year with a different classic each time. This time join us to create a classic dish that will soon become a family favourite – lasagne, made from scratch, with homemade pasta, a thick rich bolognese sauce and a smooth creamy cheese Béchamel sauce.

You can be sure your family will be home in time for tea this evening, as you will take your dish home with you to enjoy together.

Pasta making

The Best Simple Classic - Fish Pie

10.00am – 12noon | £65.00 PER PERSON

Join us to create a classic dish that will soon become a family favourite. This time it is fish pie, made from scratch; teaching you not only how to make this dish but also techniques useful when making other dishes.

You can be sure your family will be home in time for tea this evening, as you will take your dish home with you to enjoy together.

Woodspeen cookery school


9.30AM – 3.30PM | £185 PER PERSON

Our butchery course is very hands-on. We believe that having a good grasp of traditional butchery skills gives cooks an advantage when it comes to getting the most from each cut. 

More dates coming soon.


Stocks, Sauces & Soups

10AM - 3PM | £165 PER PERSON

In the Woodspeen kitchen, we consider the secret to a great sauce, gravy or soup is the stocks.  Stocks form the foundation of all great kitchens and add a depth of flavour to your dishes.  This course teaches you to understand the importance of stock and how a sauce can impact your cooking. Once you have a great stock, fresh soups and risottos are quick and easy to make.


Pastry & Dessert

9.30am – 3.30pm | £185 PER PERSON

Cakes and desserts are the heart of home cooking. We’ll focus on the techniques you need to make several pastries and desserts, with tips on presentation that’ll transform you into a star baker. 

The Woodspeen cookery school

All about Cupcakes

9.30am - 1.30pm | £70.00

An indulgent morning baking and decorating cupcakes with Anna Adams from Kintbury’s Kennet House Cake Company. Cupcakes can have it all – beautiful to look at and to eat and all in a ready-portioned serving so there’s no mess or sharing involved. However there are definitely cupcakes and cupcakes….. We are passionate about cake and look forward to sharing with you how easy it can be to create cakes that both look and taste amazing. We will pack as much as we can into this short class to ensure that you go away with techniques for baking and decorating that apply to all cakes large and small; as well as answering any of those frustrating baking questions that have been preventing your cakes from stopping shows. No previous experience is required, and we think that even experienced bakers will pick up some new tricks

All about Cupcakes

Woodspeen Classics

9.30AM – 3.30PM | £185 PER PERSON

Love our restaurant? Learn how to recreate our most popular starter, main course and dessert of the season at home, in your own kitchen.


Cooking Well Without Meat

9.30AM – 3.30PM | £185 PER PERSON

More and more of us are consuming less meat, whether it be for health or ethical reasons – the trend towards reducing meat consumption is growing. Learn to make equally satisfying dishes using vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains. Learn the changes you need to make in your shopping to achieve excellent results every time. 

Cooking well without meat

A Taste of Italy

10AM - 3PM | £145 PER PERSON

Italian food is the ultimate in social food, and what could be better than gathering a group of friends or family around the table for homemade Italian specialties. Join us for a day where we will teach you to prepare this Italian feast.


Fish & Shellfish

9.30am – 3.30pm | £185 PER PERSON

Know what great fish looks like? We'll show you how to identify quality fish, ensure you know what to buy, when and how you want it. This course will teach you preparation and cooking techniques of flat and round fish, shellfish and molluscs; ensuring maximum eating quality and flavour.

Fish and Shellfish