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Woodspeen Classics

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Do you love our restaurant? Then come and join this exciting course where you will learn how to recreate our most popular starter, main course and dessert of the season, at home, in your own kitchen. During this course our team will teach you to confidently re-create these restaurant dishes at home. We’ll share some of our kitchen secrets including ‘partition preparation’ where most of the cooking is done before your guests arrive, leaving you to spend more time at the table and less time in the kitchen. Before you head home, you will get to enjoy your starter with your fellow cooks around The Chef’s Table for lunch. The main-course and dessert you have made will be packed up for you to serve at home to impress your family and friends!

Seasonal Dinner Party

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

This fabulous course changes with the seasons. We will teach you how to make three amazing seasonal dishes that you can prepare in advance with fail-safe tips, which are sure to delight – so when entertaining, you can spend more time with your guests and less time stressing in the kitchen. Your guests will marvel at the ambitious dishes you’ve created for them, and they won’t believe you don’t have a professional chef in your kitchen! To end the day you will enjoy some of the food you have prepared at the chef’s table.

Steak Night

6PM – 9PM | £115 PER PERSON

Discover the secrets to cooking the perfect steak and chips. We’ll show you how to pick the best cuts and share tips on how to keep your steak tender, juicy and full of flavour. To accompany your steak you will make triple cooked chips and a delicious tomato chutney. The chef will also show you how to make classic steak sauces, béarnaise and peppercorn. To end this enjoyable evening, you will head over to The Chef’s Table, where you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink.

Sunday Roast Classics

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

This Course is designed to take the stress out of the Sunday Roast and make you look like a Culinary genius to your friends and family. You will learn kitchen tips & tricks that will take your Sunday roast to the next level. you will take home from the course a Sunday lunch for 4 people including starter and dessert, all you need to do is choose what meat you want and after the course you will be able to cook it perfectly.

Course includes:

  • Arrive at 9.45am for tea, coffee and course introduction
  • Soda bread and prawn cocktail
  • How to cook the perfect piece of chicken and beef every time
  • The Best Roast Potatoes
    Sunday gravy
  • The ultimate Yorkshire Pudding
  • Amazing Side Dishes
  • Finishing off with a Bread and butter Pudding

All Things Fish

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Do you know what great fish looks like? During this course we will show you how to identify quality points in fish, and ensure you know what to buy. We will teach you preparation and cooking techniques of flat and round fish, ensuring maximum eating quality and flavour. At the end of the course you will sit down at the chef’s table and enjoy some of the food you have made.

Course includes:

  • Cod brandard scotch egg
  • Fillet sole/ plaice stuff and poach 
  • Fish Stock
  • Ultimate Fish Pie
  • Beetroot Soused mackeral and learn how to fillet

Burgers & Bubbles

6PM – 9PM | £115 PER PERSON

A fun evening where you’ll create the ultimate burger, served classically on a brioche bap, with relish, chips, onion rings and a choice of beer or Champagne. 

Introduction to Bread & Enriched Dough

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Learn the basics with us, and before you know it, you’ll be whipping up classic and modern breads, from traditional soda bread to shortbread.

Pasta Night

6PM – 9PM | £115 PER PERSON

Why not come and learn how to make one of the world’s favourite cuisine, with some homemade pasta and sauces, rich tomato sauce and mouth-watering cheesy and garlic soda bread.

Course includes:

  • Pasta dough
  • Tagliatelle
  • Filled pasta
  • Cheesy garlic soda bread
  • Rich tomato ragu
  • Creamy white wine and mushroom sauce

A Taste of Italy

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Italian food is the ultimate in social food, and what could be better than gathering a group of friends or family around the table for homemade Italian specialities. Join us for this fabulous course where we will teach you to prepare an Italian feast, including classics such as:

  • Homemade pasta
  • Gnocchi
  • Risotto
  • Focaccia

You will end the day around the chef’s table, with your fellow cooks, enjoying some of the delights you have prepared.

Desserts of Italy

10PM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Italian food is the ultimate social food, and what could be better than gathering a group of friends or family around the table for homemade Italian specialities. Join us where we will teach you to prepare Italian classic desserts to enjoy after that beautiful homemade Gnocchi, pasta or Italian bread you had to start.

Course includes:

  • Arrive at 9.45am for tea, coffee and course introduction
  • Tiramisu from scratch including ladies fingers 
  • Torta della nonna
  • Apple Strudel
  • Classic biscotti

Pastry & Desserts

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

Traditional cakes and desserts are at the heart of good home cooking. During this course, we will focus on the techniques you need to make pastry, desserts, while giving you tips on creative presentation that will transform you into a star baker! Our hands-on day will give you the opportunity to learn many techniques, whilst making several desserts, which you get to take home and impress your family and friends with!

Course includes:

  • Arrive at 9.45am for tea, coffee and course introduction
  • Rough Puff pastry
  • Make a Frangipane and fruit compote
  • Use the rough puff and frangipane to make a seasonal Bakewell
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Salted oat crumb
  • New York cheese cake 

Curry Night

6PM – 9PM| £115 PER PERSON

Join this fantastic cookery course, where you will learn some robust techniques for making Indian and Thai curries. You will cook a variety of dishes that you can easily replicate at home. This will include techniques on marinating and alternative cooking methods. You will end the evening at the chef’s table, where you will get to enjoy the dishes you have made, with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink.

Course includes:

  • How to cook fail-safe rice in the oven
  • Dry rubs
  • Wet marinades
  • Thai curry with prawn
  • Indian curry with chicken
  • Aromatic salad
  • Carrot bhaji

Home Butchery

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

At The Woodspeen we believe that a good understanding of traditional butchery skills gives the cook an advantage for getting the most out of each cut. Just as important as the prep skills, is the skill to cook and we will run through times and temperatures to ensure you cook your meat perfectly, every time! We will cover how to keep your stews and casseroles tasty with the meat being moist and tender, we’ll be breaking down a chicken and also demonstrating the perfect way to cook lamb and beef, explaining the cuts as we go along and the best cooking methods to use. You will make, pate and lamb koftas.

Best Simple Classic - Beef Wellington

6PM – 9PM| £115 PER PERSON

Join us to create this classic dish, that will soon become a firm favourite. This time it is beef wellington made from scratch, with homemade puff pastry, perfectly cooked beef fillet and rich velvet red wine sauce. To finish off this fabulous evening, you will get to enjoy your homemade beef wellington at the chef’s table, with delicious fries and a glass of red wine.
Course includes:
  • Homemade puff pastry
  • Perfectly cooked beef fillet
  • Rich velvet red wine sauce

Valentines Dinner for Two

10AM – 2PM| £190 PER PERSON

Leave the pots and pans with us, all you need to do is get the wine and flowers. You will prepare and part-cook (ready to finish at home) a romantic three course meal for you and your Valentine, including bread and petit fours. Making the Valentine’s evening relaxed and enjoyable for you both.


  • Lobster risotto, crushed lemon peas, caviar

  • Fillet of beef, mushroom and onions, truffle raviolo, red wine jus

  • Dark Chocolate tart, salt caramel sauce, balsamic strawberries, honeycomb

Barbecues Made Easy

10AM – 2PM | £165 PER PERSON

We all love to throw a sausage on the ‘barbie’ but if you are up for more than this, join us to learn how to prepare in advance for a barbecue. How to marinade your meat, make your own burgers, inventive salads and dressings, and make homemade pitta and hummus.

Afternoon Tea and Baking with Your Mum

10AM – 3:30PM| £165 PER PERSON

Get your mums weekend started of in style by joining us at The Woodspeen Cookery school where we will make some sweet treats with a glass of wine, to join our sweet treats and complete our Afternoon Tea we will have some finger sandwiches from the kitchen, we will also Demonstrate how to make home made butter to go with your sconces.

Course includes:

  • Sweet Treats
  • Vanilla Macaroons, white chocolate mousse
  • Fruit scones, home made jam and butter
  • Chocolate salt caramel tarts
  • Orange Madeleines
    lemon meringue pie