Weekend Kitchen

10AM – 2PM | £145 PER PERSON

This course will inspire you to get in your kitchen at the weekends, giving you the skills and tips to make your own bread, as well as seasonal dishes to wow your friends and family.


Healthy 2021

10am – 3pm | £145 PER PERSON

An insight into health and nutrition, essential tips to make it quick and simple. We'll cover lunch and dinner ideas as well as snack-type fillers. You'll learn about fermentation and pro-biotic beverages. Healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients will be covered.

Healthy eating

Very Vegan

10am to 3pm - £145.00

In our vegan course, you will compose an entire seasonal 3-course menu, plus bread with a dip. The dishes are really versatile for your everyday kitchen pursuits, extracting out key recipes for many a dish.

The cooking techniques are taught and everyday familiar foods are translated into a vegan way of cooking. We teach dishes which will impress lifelong vegans, those on a transition from animal products and cooking meals for a mixed family with convenience.

Course includes:

Country loaf, baked using the Dutch Pot method

Lemon hummus, using aquafaba and nutritional yeast

Shortcrust pastry

Vegetable tart, bound with wild mushroom puree

Nut roast with cranberry compote

Chocolate Delice and caramel sauce

Cooking well without meat

Seasonal Dinner Party

10am – 3pm | £145 PER PERSON

This course changes with the seasons. We teach you three amazing seasonal dishes you can prepare in advance with fail-safe tips which are sure to delight - so when entertaining, you can spend more time with your guests and less time stressing in the kitchen. Your guests will marvel at the ambitious dishes you've created for them, and won't believe you don't have a professional chef in your kitchen.


The Best Simple Classic – Scotch Eggs

6pm – 9pm | £95 PER PERSON

Ever tried to cook the perfect Scotch egg? We'll show you how to cook the perfect egg enabling you to have runny yolks in your Scotch egg all the time. You will make a veggie , fish and Meat scotch egg with a home made brown sauce. Then it's over to The kitchen table, where you can savour the results with your fellow Pupils and enjoy a refreshing well-earned beverage.

• Cheese, leek and truffle Scotch egg
• Pork, cider and sage Scotch egg
• Salmon lemon and dill Scotch egg
• Home made brown sauce


Meat Prep and Cookery

10AM – 3PM | £145 PER PERSON

At The Woodspeen we believe that a good understanding of traditional butchery skills gives the cook an advantage for getting the most out of each cut. Just as important as the skill to prep is the skill to cook and we will run through some time and temperatures to cook your meat perfect every time, from keeping your stews and casseroles tasty with the meat being moist and tender, we’ll be breaking down chicken, duck and cooking lamb and beef, explaining the cuts as we go along and the best cooking methods to use.


A Taste of Italy

10AM - 3PM | £145 PER PERSON

Italian food is the ultimate in social food, and what could be better than gathering a group of friends or family around the table for homemade Italian specialties. Join us for a day where we will teach you to prepare this Italian feast.

Stocks, Sauces & Soups

10AM - 3PM | £145 PER PERSON

In The Woodspeen kitchen we consider the secret to a great sauce, gravy or soup is in the stock. Stocks form the foundation of all great kitchens and add a depth of flavour to your dishes, this course teaches you to understand the importance of stock and how it can impact in your cooking. Once you have a great stock fresh soups, sauces and risottos are quick and easy to make.

Wild garlic soup, bacon and olive oil

Introduction to Bread & Enriched Dough

10am – 1.30pm | £145 PER PERSON

Learn the basics with us, and before you know it, you’ll be whipping up classic and modern breads, from traditional soda bread to shortbread. Or if you’ve already mastered those, you might like to try our Advance bread - Sourdough & Sweet doughs course.